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How Email Marketing can boost your business 10x?

According to a report from “Vital Design", there are no less than 72% of B2B buyers that are willing to share useful content via email. What they need is to get the emails without getting them segregated to SPAM folder. With all of this in consideration, sharing these emails to relevant people helps in connecting with people who need it the most.These campaigns can easily be shared by the audience among their social cluster, giving you the leverage to increase the business possibilities and reach a larger audience. Emailifly is the tool which will help you with all of the email marketing needs and much more.The point that Email Marketing has a really good ROI overall, makes it so tempting to use for business. This even has low investment cost when compared to the benefits. For "every dollar spent and invested in boosting via other mediums of marketing, Email Marketing has the best return with the least investment". Speaking with facts the difference i…

Best practices for Email Marketing. Email Marketing 101!

It doesn’t really matter whether you’re new to email marketing or an expert in the field already! What really matters is to make that initial start in the field of Email Marketing. Doesn’t everyone who wants their business to boom & to spread it across all the media platforms.
Everyone here likely wants the same as an expert or a newbie to the market:- that will be to send the best email marketing campaigns. Let’s start from the beginning answering the questions systematically.
What is Email Marketing?
Email Marketing is the use of emails to attract and increase the potential prospects into customers and clients, via sharing all the useful information with the help of emails. Email Marketing helps in building relationships with your audience. When the right communication is set among the audience by sharing the right information it helps to grow the business overall.
The mass are interested in things that would help them and not just impart knowledge. Given the chance, interested pe…