Best practices for Email Marketing. Email Marketing 101!

It doesn’t really matter whether you’re new to email marketing or an expert in the field already! What really matters is to make that initial start in the field of Email Marketing. Doesn’t everyone who wants their business to boom & to spread it across all the media platforms.

Everyone here likely wants the same as an expert or a newbie to the market:- that will be to send the best email marketing campaigns. Let’s start from the beginning answering the questions systematically.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is the use of emails to attract and increase the potential prospects into customers and clients, via sharing all the useful information with the help of emails. Email Marketing helps in building relationships with your audience. When the right communication is set among the audience by sharing the right information it helps to grow the business overall.

The mass are interested in things that would help them and not just impart knowledge. Given the chance, interested people can join the email list to receive the information via mails. These mails (email campaigns) help them to learn everything they need to know to make an informed buying decision.

The whole world has been into email marketing, long before the reach increased by the accessibility of the World Wide Web (WWW). This is the prime example of email marketing, among the first online marketing channel. It has been around for a long time now, and it continues to lead the pack as it comes to ROI.

The benefits of opting for Email Marketing to boost and elevate the business are as follow:

  • Low Cost – To channel all the marketing necessities online, this is among one of the best ways, to make mass reach and at the same point keeping the pricing low. All you need is a strategy & the right tool that allows you to try and test various tactics accordingly. Email marketing services are perfectly scalable. Starting with a basic plan to start building your contact list & upgrade to more advanced plans as your online revenue growth.
  • Full Control – Opting for email marketing for online marketing channel gives full control to you, allowing all the changes available. Helps you with designing your assets (e.g. web forms, emails, & landing pages), lets you decide on the kind of email campaign you will be running, segmenting your email list for precise targeting, tagging your contacts for better personalization and creating marketing automation workflows with your business goals in mind. Layout the plan and idea and carefully work around the communication to reflect your brand identity & stand out from other companies in your customers’ inbox.
  • Ease of Use – Building email marketing campaigns is simple and no rocket science. We make sure to make it even easier than before and let you work on your creativity to the limits even push beyond limits. You can design your email templates, landing pages, & marketing automation workflows with an intuitive drag & drop editors. #emailifly’s Visual Editor is just one example.
  • Preferred Marketing Medium – Most of the companies, small businesses & enterprises are inclined towards digital marketing for maximum reach to the mass for their products or services. Email is among the top medium for preferred channel for reaching everyone out.
  • Targeted & Personalized Content – Using email marketing you can collect relevant information from your contacts along the subscription process and use it to tailor the communication to their needs and preferences. This is to effectively send them emails, campaigns, and newsletters which would be beneficial for both the customers and you when using it to increase the revenue to impressive numbers.
  • Easy to measure results With #emailiflys impressive analytical report integration, you can gain full control over your email marketing efforts. Google Analytics is one of those an integrated tool which helps with filtering through the results to keep track of growth and development in the campaigns. You can even set goals for individual campaigns, track conversions, & measure the ROI.
  • Fully Automated – The automation allows in a plethora of uses and helps in all the ways you shall be benefitted overall. You can build custom workflows for your email campaigns. You can easily create any kind of campaign by using the drag-&-drop editor to program the communication flow with the available conditions, actions, and filters.


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