How Email Marketing can boost your business 10x?

  • According to a report from “Vital Design", there are no less than 72% of B2B buyers that are willing to share useful content via email. What they need is to get the emails without getting them segregated to SPAM folder. With all of this in consideration, sharing these emails to relevant people helps in connecting with people who need it the most.These campaigns can easily be shared by the audience among their social cluster, giving you the leverage to increase the business possibilities and reach a larger audience. Emailifly is the tool which will help you with all of the email marketing needs and much more.
  • The point that Email Marketing has a really good ROI overall, makes it so tempting to use for business. This even has low investment cost when compared to the benefits. For "every dollar spent and invested in boosting via other mediums of marketing, Email Marketing has the best return with the least investment". Speaking with facts the difference is of over 40x times. Now, this is all because the valuable information can be easily shared over emails with the right targeted audience, with the right campaign these valuable information adds even more significance.
  • Thinking about the clients and according to that understanding the differences to work the gaps. This will be helping them to at least cover the minor faults which would now help them get better to some extent. From there the whole marketing can pick up the pace. To serve the clients/business with the right remedy for their work needs. Every company/organization doesn't work on the same marketing tactics. You need to figure out what works best for you.
  • Getting the subscribers' attention is also very important and that is the way to get them interested and invested in your products, services. And when it comes to getting that done, you'll need a header which gets the attention. A header which would make the subscribers click on your campaigns among the multiple emails received in a day is by making it interesting and worth their while. The audience notices the header and that's the first step to get their attention on your campaigns. What you would need is a clear vision of what the banner should look like and the positioning of the content accordingly.
  • Now, talking about content we should also mention and keep an eye out for the subject lines for the emails and the campaigns. They tend to attract most of the attention and gets the audience involved in opening them. When the subject line is worth reading and catchy it makes the audience to think over it and get invested in reading. This what we would want from the users.
  • Addressing the right person and designing the campaigns concerning that. This is said in context to the fact that a lot of people tend to think that if they address the higher-level executives, or the CEOs' or the COOs', it might get their attention. But, the secret to getting the emails a higher CTR is by creating a message that will be easily understood by anybody. This makes things a whole lot easier for the organisation to target the audience. A message composed with a lot of technical jargon or a lot of technical specifications won't be able to attract a larger audience and may go away unnoticed.
The word-of-mouth strategy may work for a small local business, but when it comes to a comprehensive marketing strategy, you need to reach out to people who may not even know you are on the marketplace.

Working on Content

Okay, we have been talking a lot on the design aspects & the other things which attract the audience but what about the need of organic and solid content which will be the real selling point for any business opting email marketing as their tool.

The time to create content which attracts B2B sales and leads is the most important factor here if one needs to get attention down the lane;

Things to consider at this point for the content:-
  1. The most important thing for the emails, the content. The more the informative and easy to understand the content is the more valuable it becomes to the audience who needs it or are invested in the same interest. 
  2. Now, that the content needs to be prepared, it also needs to be somewhat important that the experimental approaches are avoided and better stick to the already tried and tested methods. Evergreen topics, these are examples of content which a lot of the audience will relate to and prefer over the other competitions in the market. It's important to aim not only at gaining new customers but also at keeping the existing one interested, considering that it costs five times as much to attract a new customer than keep an existing one.
  3. To ensure what is different is very tough and seems to be obscure as well. What the people follow goes around the same for all the trends in business, entertainment, and all other industries. But sometimes the requirement also asks about being unique. Making sure the content is unique is also a quality to attract new customers and keeping the pre-existing clients close & engaged. Just like a lot of people have different taste palette, so should be the content for the campaigns as well. This makes sure to serve a larger base to work with. Something which collectively addresses a lot of people is very important. You need something unique, something to tell your audience that you did not only put an effort into this but also, that you have something of value to give them.
  4. Ensuring quality instead of quantity is the best way to earn trust among the mass. The audience needs to be informed as well as served in the way the demographics of the mass speaks. Lengthy content is not to gain new customers or keep the old-ones involved. Rather we have to discuss how we can keep the content short, crisp and apt; maintaining the effectiveness of the email and still get better ROI.
  5. Content is effective enough when the mass is into it and spreads the information on their own because they feel it is worthy enough of their time. When they get benefitted from it in any sense of manner; financially, physically or mentally, the audience makes sure to share it whether word-of-mouth or by directly sharing the content via social media and more. This shows the content was easy to read and understand by a really large number of like-minded peeps. Keeping the readability to as easy as possible keeps the customers happy, involved and satisfied with the campaigns. This is one of the major significance of keeping things simple.

Email Marketing is the new weapon for business organizations to target and promote their products and services to a larger audience allowing better growth and development for them. Every business should follow the 3 rules to grab the market and that is to GROW, DEVELOP & EVOLVE. This is to state that at the fraction of costs of the other ways of business promotion, email marketing has a really good reach and helps the business organization and firms to analyze the situation well and accordingly, target the personalized content in the emails (campaigns).

It has been proven over the years to be an effective marketing strategy, whether you are addressing individual customers or business clients. You can easily rely on email marketing to generate B2B sales & leads. Hopefully, this article was informative enough to give email marketing a try and if you're already using it, do let us know how did it help your business escalate and did it make any growth and development in the marketing department.

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