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Boosting ROI with the help of Newsletters!

Ways to boost the Emai Marketing ROI, by using Newsletters
Understanding the importance of email marketing, the market is bombarded with online and digital marketing, which thereby makes it so much significant in comparison to other mediums.

Email Marketing is very valuable and research shows it drives excellent ROI for every dollar spent (as much as $44 for per $1, factually).

In all respect, the thing which would bother the marketers is the fact that there is an entire process behind getting successful using email marketing. The newsletters which bring in the success for you is by the well designed and target-focused email templates (newsletters).

Some email newsletter practices which would help to boost the business:-

    • Using the newsletter for the initial welcome emails; Welcome emails are the most memorable impression made in the first strike itself. This also a very good opportunity to provide relevant information to the subscribers to keep them engaged and happy over why they si…

Advanced Analytical Report

Analytical Report - #Emailifly delivers you a detailed statistical report that has analytical data on the performance of your campaign that includes the number of opened, not-opened, clicked, unsubscribed & bounces. It helps you to keep track of the key metrics. Further down, helping you to plan and strategize the campaigns accordingly. Analyze and improve your emails.Send the best email
Put up to three emails to the test with #emailifly. Test subject lines, preview text, message content, and even send times to see which email yields the best results.Email Marketing Tracking – Gain a holistic view of your email campaigns as you see how many people open your emails, click links, go to your website and more.
Send better emails
Analytics help you deliver awesome content to the right audience.
Drive traffic to your website
Create and track emails designed to boost your website’s traffic.
Make more sales
Email Deliverability Rate – Have confidence that your messages make it to the inbox (a…

Auto-Pilot your Campaigns!

Email Automation:- Emailifly also provides the ability to schedule the campaigns to send in the set time. It helps to serve the business which requires it for their basic day-to-day needs. A lot of organizations use it. The ability to send timed emails to subscribers with relevant information. Automation is useful for a variety of different purposes.
Automated emails allow you to send real-time, one-to-one emails and these emails help to strengthen customer engagement, retention, and loyalty. Email Automation helps with spreading the campaigns across the right person and getting them delivered according to the campaign runner’s perspective. This helps them in getting good reach and focusing on marketing their products/services seamlessly across places.
Automated email achieves the best of both worlds between timing and content to provide marketers with messages that have:-
Relevance – This point pops up because these automated emails are triggered by the workflow action of the user. Th…