Advanced Analytical Report

Analytical Report - #Emailifly delivers you a detailed statistical report that has analytical data on the performance of your campaign that includes the number of opened, not-opened, clicked, unsubscribed & bounces. It helps you to keep track of the key metrics. Further down, helping you to plan and strategize the campaigns accordingly.

Analyze and improve your emails.

  • Send the best email
    Put up to three emails to the test with #emailifly. Test subject lines, preview text, message content, and even send times to see which email yields the best results.
Email Marketing Tracking – Gain a holistic view of your email campaigns as you see how many people open your emails, click links, go to your website and more.
  • Send better emails
  • Analytics help you deliver awesome content to the right audience.
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Create and track emails designed to boost your website’s traffic.
  • Make more sales
Email Deliverability Rate – Have confidence that your messages make it to the inbox (and not the spam folder) with our industry-leading deliverability.

 Better email deliverability, better results.

Deliverability is more than just ensuring your emails make it to the inbox. It's about getting your emails in front of subscribers. When your emails are seen, you increase your opportunities for more opens, clicks and engagement.
With the right resources, email marketing is one of the most measurable marketing mediums marketers have at their disposal. Therefore, be sure the email software you choose has rich reporting capability that enables you to be sure you’re spending your time, money, and effort in the right places. Look for reports with key metrics such as:
  • Open rate
  • Click-through rate
  • Unsubscribe rate
  • Bounce rate
These high-level data points show the overall success of your campaigns. However, there should also be secondary reporting options that can be accomplished with integrations that reveal deeper metrics that can help you improve the design or strategy of your campaigns overall.
How all of this data help in a better email marketing opportunity?
All of your analytical reports in one place
Keep an eye on all your marketing campaigns—including emails, re/scheduling, social ads, and more—directly from your #emailifly account. We’ll give you real-time stats at a glance, so you can quickly identify what’s working and make smart decisions about where to put your marketing budget.
Have a better grasp of your audience
Our growth, engagement, and revenue reports will help you learn more about the real-time actions of your audience. You can easily find out who has interacted with your marketing, and whether they’ve clicked, bought, or downloaded the report, so you can create more content that resonates with them.
Keep up against the competitors
Compare your open, click, and unsubscribe rates to your industry peers. These stats help with overall developement & growth so you can see what's working and what could improve.

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