Auto-Pilot your Campaigns!

Email Automation:- Emailifly also provides the ability to schedule the campaigns to send in the set time. It helps to serve the business which requires it for their basic day-to-day needs. A lot of organizations use it. The ability to send timed emails to subscribers with relevant information. Automation is useful for a variety of different

Automated emails allow you to send real-time, one-to-one emails and these emails help to strengthen customer engagement, retention, and loyalty. Email Automation helps with spreading the campaigns across the right person and getting them delivered according to the campaign runner’s perspective. This helps them in getting good reach and focusing on marketing their products/services seamlessly across places.

Automated email achieves the best of both worlds between timing and content to provide marketers with messages that have:-

  • Relevance – This point pops up because these automated emails are triggered by the workflow action of the user. This ensures that they clicked on the relevant action button to get the emails targeted to them & thereby, making it clear why they proceeded to continue with the automated action. This increases the chance to get the emails opened and engage with the email accordingly if prompted.
  • Engaging Content – With the right products/services, we have ensured the customers are interested and now is the time to keep them engaged even more. And, to proceed with so, as an example you can add a ‘how-to’ mailing list. This is to keep them in the loop with the relevant emails, ensuring the spread of the campaign thoroughly.
  • Brand Building – Email Marketing is the right way to increase one’s business and interpersonal communication with customers. As a highly personal communication channel, automated emails serve as an extension of your brand. Email automation serves as the main link between your business and the customers' engagement with the products/services. Through these automated emails, it is easier to engage them with the emails letting out relevant information on the same. All of this is indirectly increasing the number of the newly associated audience, bringing newer & potential customers to your business.

Email Automation not only helps the business with only spreading the right information with the right audience but serves more than that:-

  1. Loyalty – Not only email automation helps with just getting the business into expanding their reaches to different spaces, but it also helps with creating loyal trust among the pre-existing customers who on the other ends of the spectrum feel to benefited and to spread a word to other about your business.
  1. Retention – Customers feel privileged when they are served with content personalized for them with real-time communication and assistance. All of this makes these customers appear as ‘sticky users’, they are the ones who you can count on as long-term users and will consistently stay by your side.
  1. Revenue – So the revenue part is entirely based on how well the replies are made and ensure that you have been paying attention closely to your clients. This makes them feel that all these attention to the even minute details make them part of the larger revenue system.
  1. Action – This turns out to be the best point to explain how email automation is worth adding to the features in your email marketing tool. So, to explain this we can take the basic example of making potential customers sign-up to the mailing list to certain newsletters/campaigns, this is the first action of engagement where they are invested in your product/service because either it interests them or they feel the need to use it.
    Then is the part where they are targeted with personalized content from the campaigns or the newsletters. And, following all of this is the last the part which makes them stick to you, which is the immediate interaction assuring them that they have been taken care of.

Why Email Automation?

Even though a lot of companies and business organizations understand the value added to benefits to ‘email automation’, they haven’t been using it vastly. Now, to make them understand the amazing benefits, these are certain points which can clarify them:-
  • Welcome series emails to help new customers begin using your product/service (accordingly)
  • Nurture series emails that help guide customers to the next step in the sales funnel
  • Happy birthday or anniversary emails to help increase customer loyalty (building trust)
  • User verification emails to make sure new users are legitimate


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