Boosting ROI with the help of Newsletters!

Ways to boost the Emai Marketing ROI, by using Newsletters

Understanding the importance of email marketing, the market is bombarded with online and digital marketing, which thereby makes it so much significant in comparison to other mediums.

Email Marketing is very valuable and research shows it drives excellent ROI for every dollar spent (as much as $44 for per $1, factually).

In all respect, the thing which would bother the marketers is the fact that there is an entire process behind getting successful using email marketing. The newsletters which bring in the success for you is by the well designed and target-focused email templates (newsletters).

Some email newsletter practices which would help to boost the business:-

    • Using the newsletter for the initial welcome emails; Welcome emails are the most memorable impression made in the first strike itself. This also a very good opportunity to provide relevant information to the subscribers to keep them engaged and happy over why they signed up for the mailing list at the first step. This is also a very good step in thanking them to sign up, showing appreciation for the co-operative step.

Few steps which would ensure that the welcome email is not overboard are as follow; Keeping it together and meaningful, providing with benefits – added support and features are always welcome by the customers, providing with next steps – this is to help them with the whole setup and make them understand over continuing further with the tool without any hassle.

    • When you desire to keep your subscribers in a loop; Email newsletters come in multiple uses provided if the utilisation is made correctly, offering more in return than the investment made. By opting to build a newsletter which can be re-used on alternative occasions is one of the ways to be fast and impressive at the same time. Rather than investing time on a new newsletter design for the content which can be patched & used without reinventing the whole idea.

Things to remember when re-using the newsletter:- The need for a plan – This is to state that once things are planned out and there can be ideas fixed for the newsletters, there is no trouble to scramble up things at the last moment for new content, Creating bite-sized content – The best way to keep the audience into reading the newsletter and stay informed without losing their interest is by keeping the readable part short & crisp providing instant information, Mixing it Up – Well when the newsletter is mixed up with right content, image, video or an infographic, this makes it interactive enough for the audience to read it and stay invested.

    • Most preferred way to spread information for a new product launch; Well for every new product the main parent company always wishes success for it and to spread viable news around and information in detail about the new product use of newsletters seem to be among one of the best ways. Newsletter with clean, bold design & images with striking fonts yet clear enough to get the audience’s attention.

As you go building the newsletter keep following things in mind:- Think beyond product images – Using more than just images to get a more clear idea of what is been talked about and to clarify it to the user is also very important, leveraging both images and context creates a more detailed idea of the product/service and brings in more ease for the audience to relate too, Directing them too relevant landing page – The significant point here is to lead the audience directly to the relevant landing page to keep the things flowing smooth & fluid, this won’t lose their attention, Offering a significant call to action (CTA) – Well introducing one prominent & single call to action button will help to keep the audience in a tight loop of relevant information and ensure they don’t get distracted by the multiple CTA buttons.

    • The need to share to Testimonials; Sharing and showcasing the various virtues of your company and/or product with the pre-existing customers and new-potential clients help to build trust and credibility for the company. Rather than just spreading word-of-mouth and praising one’s own merits, email newsletters like these helps to make it feel more formal and genuine overall. All of this also adds up to the overall social proof of your marketing.

How do all of these testimonial newsletters help out:- Showcase the people involved – The newsletter gets more attention when the story/review or the testimonial overall is backed with a human face (with approval of course). This adds a nice touch of trust in the testimonial and increases the interest in the readers, Highlight Quotes – Often highlighting few important lines/quotes makes a lot of things easier, making them pop out from the rest of the testimonial increase the audiences’ chance to get more involved, Include link- Okay if you don’t want the newsletter to look a whole less cluttered and make things easier for the readers, including a link in the page with additional case studies related to the important content shared or maybe other testimonials for the readers is best.

    • When you want to ask for feedback; Survey emails are meant to get feedback from the readers/audience. This is meant to understand their needs with the content they are being shared with. This data can help in the long run to understand the trends & needs of the audience over they need out of their newsletters.

Survey Emails are meant to serve more than we see:- Simplicity – Keep things as simple as possible, what we mean by this is you should keep the fact in mind that a lot of complications in the newsletter will distract the audience and to get out of that situation you can easily include only one CTA (call to action), Mobile-friendliness – Most of the emails are usually opened on mobile devices making the accessibility to everyone, this creates automatic market reach to more and more people, Incentivize – When the readers are provided with incentives, they tend to get more attached and have more trust in your business products/services, these can be anything ranging from free shipping to one-month trial free.

    • To Re-Engage the customers and subscribers back; Okay so all businesses go through their low times and this is when they have to look back at the time when they initially started to get them involved with the newsletters and the subscribers & the customers were so much interested in. Now, to get back to this re-designing the templates will be the best way to re-engage them with your products/services. This is considerably done by offering them discounts/insider benefits to your services/products.

Tips to keep in mind while creating win-back emails:- Images are very important – The whole point to re-engage them is by forcing them into looking through images (visual cues), they trigger them to make business happen with you, again context is the key, Personalize if possible – If the content is more on a personal side with the customers/subscribers it adds a touch of informal approach bringing them into your business even closer building a stronger business relationship. With dynamic content based on particular customers/subscribers, it adds a touch of concern making the newsletter work its magic on them.

Wrapping Up

Well after all of these points over how newsletters are really the way to boom the ROI using Email Marketing. We have come to this understanding that a lot can be done just by the way we use these newsletters to make them look so professional and genuine which helps overtime to build the trust and adds to the relationship between you and your clients/subscribers. All of this helps to boost the business at very least in comparison to other methods of marketing.


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