Tips to Write Catchy Email Subject lines, getting higher open rates

Well, a lot of people solely prefer to open their emails based on the way, the subject line portrays the level of priority.

In fact, roughly around 50% of marketers say that they test a variety of subject lines and go along those which tend to show the highest open rate. So the important aspect to this is how well the subject line is crafted according to the customer/client/subscriber, it will be sent to.

Well, the subject line seems to be the smallest part of an email, but it tends to have the most impact on it, from the point of getting better & more success in opening rates till attracting the audience to make them open just because it was intriguing for them.

Best Practices to opt for while creating Email Subject Lines; Okay now, we need to understand that there are some key factors to keep in mind before creating subject lines and those are:-

    • Urgency

Okay, there are scenarios where we can be benefited just by the use of time as an important factor. This is very easy to use in your favour if you understand the circumstances and make it count.

Well, most of the users open the emails based on the subject lines, which kind of makes attempt at talking about doing tasks immediately & the way it’s presented should be catchy.

For instance, the old advertisements talked in manners like, “ACT NOW!”, this is way to make them compelling that if they don’t read it then & there, the chances that they might get benefited drops.

Well, there’s another catch to it where we can’t keep using the same tone of urgency in every email, this drops the credibility and the attraction by the users. Its more like, the brand who cried wolf, so you really won’t want to keep relying on this method every time, but on the contrary, it helps a lot.

    • Curiosity

To keep people involved all the time, one must keep the things on a curious turn, that being said, this is to get ensured open rates. A lot of times, the point which compels the audience to open the emails is because of the subject lines.  Making them intrigued once they have read it & are left with a cliffhanger, thereby making them open the particular email.

We also don’t mean that one should go off-track and become very obscure with their brand image. This can sometimes lead the audience to believe that those emails are SPAM. We want you to learn that the curiosity factor aims at keeping things as mysterious as possible. So keeping, it mysterious, enigmatic and nothing more obscure can help you gain a new audience and retain the old audience as well.

    • Offers

Now, that we are reaching further down the list, the point that one is intrigued at opening the emails is because they seem to get benefited from it in some or the other way and to reach there one would need to think new ways to keep their audience involved and keep them growing.

Well on the same note, even I will be delighted to receive emails whose subject lines point out to offers which are tailored for me and that is a point of interest. And, now to finally make it all clear its a very well-thought-out way to add an offer especially targeted for the individual the email will be aimed at. Subject Lines are more than just the sentence itself, but it’s open to interpret statement with meanings which could pour added benefits to email marketing world if used well.

    • Personalization

So, no two emails are the same if you want them to be targeted to your clients/subscribers or whoever is the audience. This is to state that the whole batch of emails being sent out is focused on gaining the trust and bringing in better response and keeping them in the loop.

Not to be confused with the fact that they will be similar to some aspects of design and baseline content for the email newsletters but the must contain an element of personalisation, which shows the detail to attention, gaining the trust of the pre-existing audience and building a new one in no time. It’s more like sending the content via emails to them according to their needs.

    • Relevance & Timeliness

Okay, getting directly to the point, there is no need of beating around the bush, or else the game can get very weak affecting the email marketing tactics. This is to make you understand, that time (punctuality), & relevance matters over the emails they have signed up for. These emails from the mailing list should be delivered to them with relevance and on time.

To keep them interested, you need to understand the audience’s preferences. Tailor-built content and well-crafted subject lines help to keep them tied with you and even bring a newer audience to your business.


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