How Email Marketing will change in 2020?

If we go just 10 years back in time and look at the changes we have gone through there are changes we won’t believe. These changes made our lives easier than ever before. What, we didn’t notice was, it would become a pattern where we would witness changes in a lot of things.

Email Marketing is also one of them where we saw a multitude of changes. The way we accessed our mails, the reach, the use & the extensive inter-connectivity with mails in our lives. Now, we use emails for almost a lot more than what we would have anticipated. Our mails are subscribed to a lot more websites to just receive their mailing list.

Use of mails professionally has seen a change drastic than ever before.

Marketers will have to adjust to an entirely new audience: Machines

Well, now that we are seeing the future with automation introduced in our lives, we should get even more accustomed to their way on interaction for our lives. We have started to converse with digital assistants. These are more inclined towards the command sides, but they tend to help us with all of the needs we have. For instance, adding products for grocery list to our mail, a to-do list is done by our digital assistants. Now, that we know about this part, companies should also start to learn how we need to interact with digital assistants.

Trying to say that we might need to make these emails more machine friendly, to prompt auto-reply, smart AI reply features and whatnot. All the Email Marketing teams from various companies/organizations may need to adapt to the similar in the upcoming future as well.

Its true email technology will not die, but emails will for sure not only be viewed by just humans in the long run. To cater to this new audience, marketers will have to alter the way they message the emails and adapt to new tools which would be beneficial for the machines to understand as well.

Perhaps, we will be introduced to use more standardized data formats for emails.

Push Notifications will be future

Okay, we will be witnessing some of the most drastic changes as well. This also includes the fact that our use of devices mostly is based on portability. So, it is mobile devices primarily, which makes the fact that almost 55% of the users who access emails on the go view them on the mobile device.

Now, we understand the need for receiving email push notifications on the go, helps the users to just read them on-the-go.

We have been thinking that already our emails have seen a great amount of cut in the textual length and addition of graphics, images & CTA (call-to-action). Now, we may see even more cuts and changes and use of other measures to make them even smaller to accommodate the readable content on mobile devices.

All of this will be done for the best of email marketers. We think this may be just it, but the future may show us even shorter emails.

Mailable Microsites

Considering the changes we already have talked about, maybe we will witness even further changes where we are going to see the arc of developments to their peaks. Emails and the campaigns associated with them were strictly formal in the earlier days of email marketing and communication. Now, emails are making it even easier to get higher ROI from the mails.

If email marketing done well, the audience is more interested to just get their tasks done by the least amount of steps. This is to tell more on the end where the users will not even visit the websites to purchase the services or the products but rather deal with them through the interactive messages, emails and the campaigns they are more into.

The future holds the key to generate leads just from the initial form of communication. Which here are the emails from the marketers. This is the future where we can expect the marketing departments to see some changes.
Analytics have been showing more engagement from interactive messages than just the plain old emails.


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