Tips for Writing an Email, People will actually read & reply to

Without any doubt, a lot of people are convinced with the fact that Emails are a really effective way to convey a lot more information with the element of surprise which would help a lot with gaining better ROI. Email wins digital marketing with its simplicity & straightforwardness, not to mention its high-performing effectiveness.

The fact that emails drastically improve the ROI, not that this just hypothetically, but the increase can be as significant as 45% if email marketing is done right. It might seem difficult at first, but even a basic, yet well-planned email marketing strategy can change the entire game.

Let’s begin with the tips which would really help your business & make things easier for the digital marketing team to increase the reach.

·         Do all your research?

This is to state that automation & personalization shouldn’t overwhelm each other.  While it’s very easy to understand what we need to deliver to the audience, we can’t forget what they would also ask for as well.

Intensive background research is not always very easy and increases the work-load for the company/enterprise. What we would like you to understand is that a basic need of going through the statistics and personalized targeting of the audience the campaign (emails) would be targeted at.
The fact that you need to address the importance of going through the demographic of the audience being served and also, make this as a point that generic emails can send in a whiff, but with the touch of personalization, it makes a higher chance of getting the emails opened and make their interest retain in receiving the emails.

·         Working on the subject line.

The best way to make the emails get higher open rates can be also persuaded by just making the subject line the crown of the content. Well, this is to state that a lot of people do get influenced by the subject lines in the first glance.

What we mean is that you need to work on the subject line to make it intriguing, short & apt for the use at the moment. Anything obnoxious than that would again lead to the loss of interest from the audience.

It’s also preferred to make it personalized with the subject line as well. This makes it more relatable for them to get hooked into reading the emails.

Long story short: it’s best for your subject line to be simple and to the point. You want to hook readers into opening, reading, and clicking through to your website.

·       Making the beginning as interesting and engaging.

Now, if the mail has been opened, the next thing you’ll be concerned about is to keep the reader invested in it. This can be done very easily. Not, a lot of companies, businesses, enterprises think about it. Well, if the reader is invested in reading why would they leave at the first point itself. Now, you would need to make the first line itself into an attention-grabbing sentence.

That opening sentence will be enough to get them into the mail. From there onward the content needs to be kept simple and concise about the topic it will be discussed upon. 90% of marketers say this email marketing with the right words helps to engage a larger audience with least effort.

·         Keeping things short and to point

Yes, there is always room for more information to be shared in an email, but not all recipients might need it. The rule is very simple and makes more sense, keep it short & crisp to assure easy readability. Once they are into it and start to really like all of the information you shared with them over time.

There’s room for increasing the information in the mails for the information to be shared. Just to keep it still in mind, don’t cut off the important parts and still try the best to keep the messages short.


Well, it’s time to wrap this as well. Because whatever we just talked about earlier, keeping the conversations meaningful and short is the way to go. Keeps the interest in running and also adds possibly new and better audience in the longer run.

When writing one, think about what emails you personally like to read and will reply to. Also, keep these tips in mind:
  • Learn who your recipients are.
  • Use a descriptive subject line with no more than 10 words.
  • Make an email interesting from the first sentence.
  • Avoid ambiguity and be specific.
  • Skip the small talk and add useful information only.
  • Highlight the most important parts with headings, CTA links, or buttons.
  • Use bullet points.
  • Refer to your readers with the word “you.”
  • Try writing in the recipient’s language/tone.
  • Use an email signature to stay professional, make emails more personalized and promote your content.
  • Avoid uploading images that are too large.
  • Double-check the name of all the attachments


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